"This game is fucking genius."
-Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director, EPIC Games (GDC IGF Pavilion, March 9, 2012)

"Best in show...Truly playful!"
-Adam Saltsman, "Canabalt" & "The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire" (IndieCade 2011)

"I love Way-- I played at Indiecade, and there's something so touching about learning to communicate in it like you do. It's kind of a forced language, of course, but expressive. It's short and sweet; you finish the whole thing pretty quickly, ... and then feel very sorry to lose them forever."
-David Kanaga, co-creator of IGF Nuovo Nominee "Proteus"

"My experience playing WAY was genuinely moving – and inspiring!"
-Doug Wilson, creator of Game Developer’s Choice ‘Innovation’ Award Winner "Johann Sebastian Joust"

"I’m kinda overflowing with love. I didn’t know who I was playing against and the limited kind of communication you can have... I feel like I grew a bond with whoever this stranger was I was playing with. And as soon as the game finished I just wanted to go give them a giant hug. And that’s what we did."
-Robin Arnott, sound designer of IGF Award Winner "Antichamber"


"Best in show... I enjoyed it so immensely on the last day of the festival. I smiled, and laughed, and hugged the person I played it with, and ran outside to call my girlfriend and tell her that we needed to play it together."
-Simon Ferrari

"I’m not sure if it was intentional, but there was this sense with Way that it wasn’t just about gaming, but had a larger message of a unified global language, a reminder that we can all communicate and work together for mutual success."

"If you wanted proof that gaming is "growing up" you need to look no further than CoCo&Co’s Way — a cooperative platform puzzle video game that elicited high praise, and elated looks from other designers."
-Noah J Nelson

"LOVE this game and can't wait to see what the team does with a full development cycle!"
-Good Sailing

"It's an incredibly charming (if fairly brief) cooperative adventure, and one that's well-worth taking."
-Jeff Mattas

"It’s a game that really distills human cooperation down to its most simplistic form."
-Billy Shibley

"While WAY is still just a prototype — created in about 12 weeks — players' responses have been remarkably heartfelt. "
-Kelly Solman


"Checking out "Way" at the IGF. Some awesome non verbal co-op communication puzzling going on."
-Cliff Bleszinski

"@WAYgame Such a great tool for nurturing patience and empathy. I hope you make more levels! :)"
-Mikey Mileos

"Just finished @WAYgame . I seriously recommend any gamer that has 30 minutes to give it a go."
-Liam Butcher

"Can't even find the words to describe @WAYgame. The connection you feel with your random partner at the end is uplifting & extraordinary."
-Josh Raub

"Wow, just wow. You need to try this. Have never played any collaborative game like this before: / cc @WAYgame"
-Josh Raub

"@waygame Your game is amazing; thank you for making it."
-Hao Lian

"@waygame overflows with hope and kindness. Just extraordinary. High fives to my random partner from Bristol!"
-Jason Eppink

" is a delightful game in every way! Thank you @WAYgame"
-Joe Mako

"Inspired and inspiring, @WAYgame is really rather special."
-Thom Cuschieri

"The delight of @WAYgame is solving a puzzle with a partner. Kind of like Portal 2 Co-op."
-Aaron Suggs

"Had a really amazing @WAYgame playthrough. Quite probably one of the best ways to spend a lazy saturday aftornoon."
-Oskar Olsson

"Awesome collaborative game "Way" - play with a total stranger from the world. Love this after playing Journey! @waygame"

"The social mechanic of @waygame is so clever:"
-Eugene Wei

"@waygame was quite possibly the best game I've played in a very long while. Instant connection with a stranger. Thank you @keyofnight"
-Bernard Yu

"My brains are on the ground. Everyone needs to download and play @WAYgame right now."
-Sophie Xie

"@WAYgame you guys made an amazing game! really sweet and just super fun. thanks so much!!!!"

"Playing @WAYgame—this is one of the coolest games I've played in a long while. :D"
-Tim Brown

"Just played @WAYgame for the first time. Thanks to the Californian that put up with me. Woooo so good! #waygame"
-Caroline Martin

"Way is the most innovative game ive played this year! @waygame"
-Markus Schneider

"Holy. @WAYgame is so amazing. Beautiful thing. Post game hugs were exchanged."
-Diego 'Cool' Garcia

"@WAYgame A friend and I just played Way. Absolutely astonishing! Astonishing! Thank you so much."

"@WAYgame I just played for the first time this game. It was a truly beautiful experience. Keep up the good work, and good luck guys!"
-Agustín Comesaña

"@WAYgame This games very idea and concept is amazing universal understanding between strangers. This is unbelievably dope."
-Errol Wallace

"@WAYgame This game blew me and my friend away. Any chance of an expansion?"

"@waygame I was soooo impressed !!! WAY is my GOTY . It captured my heart. Amazing! two strangers frm Japan and Russia are friends now!"
-Teppei Murata

"@WAYgame Played it with my boyfriend, @QuantumSics , really fun game! Can't wait for the full release, hopefully there will be more. [:"

"@WAYgame Wow... AMAZING... nothing else! Great work, thank you!"
-Philipp Krüger

"@WAYgame Thank you very much, it's been a while since I played something so fresh and innovative !!! Hope to further updates."
-Diogo Cardoso

"Played @WayGame with a stranger in another country. When they left, I just… sat there and almost cried"
-Maré Odomo

"@WAYgame Just played WAY for the first time, so beautiful and intuitive, you managed to make the ending emotional even without a story :)"
-Ricardo Lopes

"@WAYgame Just finished playing after seeing it on the Indie Games Blog. What a truly unique and very cool experience you've created. :)"
-Ryan Walker


"I have to say that this game was genuinely very well done. The whole concept of co-operation and trust was really nice. And the ending really blew my mind. I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you guys will further develop and make more levels. Keep on rocking."

"Agree ! Your game is just great ! The co-op, the trust, the end ! I would like more puzzles, but the concept is amazing, very very good game, I'm totally fan, congrat' ! :]"

"I played this game and I can't stop playing. You guys get good idea to make this type of game bcouse some ppl can't speak english and can't play other game with understunding other players, in this game they can :) I appreciate your work :)"
-Przemek Chojka

"Just great! We enjoyed your game so much! All levels, the end! I'm your fan now :) But can we help you? I can buy alpha and to say my friends about this game. And just give you money because you're so talented. I like games and gaming at all but you've made the game which is touched my heart :)"

"I have no words to describe how much I loved this game! Really touching. Kudos to all the developers who shaped up this great game. Hope you'll keep working on it, because it has so much potential. I'll definitely buy it if/when you sell the finished product :)"

"love the game! I loved figuring out how to play, and how to communicate with my partner. I also really loved the end, where I was able to communicate with my partner, and tell them where I was."

"I want to thank you for this guys, is great and heart-touching! … Great emotional experience and great ending, thanks again!"

"The game was wonderful."

"just mindblown. Incredible the ending managed to be a bit emotional without any plot or story. It was so great that I had to come here and register :)"

"Just had a profoundly beautiful experience playing the alpha version of Way with someone in Russia, I must remember to buy it when it's done!"
-Niran from Australia

"Congratulations, the genius concept made this a marvelous experience. Please make more puzzles!"

"It's brilliant idea and it managed to put a smile on my face"

"I'm hoping for some more levels and progress in the future would love to see this get more attention. And this could definitely make money I'd pay $10 or more for this game."

"this game is incredible :)"

"FANtastique !! génial ! This game is awesome, so human, so easy and "spontanely"(?) playable !! Thanks all of you for this incredible game !"

"Best game I ever played. It was impressive, I never felt like this playing a game... Awesome. I feel like the game is perfect... the game is phenomenal, if there is any way to support you I will, I will also spread the word about this game."


"just finished the game with phillip from latvia :D (got his name at the end). It was the most touching coop i have ever played. we gave each other a high five and wished each other a good/great life. :D The internet is not full of asshats after all. :D"

"Amazing game :)"

"wow just finished playing it truly an amazing game specially the end"

"great game! I got lucky and got paired with an awesome partner on the first go. I spent as much time on the ending as the rest of the game. Looking forward to an eventual completed version."

"That was a ton of fun"

"Oh wow, just finished a game. That was... Amazing."

"This is amazing, I love this concept and the way it plays out. Although a bit frustrating when you are with someone who is clueless but in the end when you actually beat a puzzle, that feeling... Hope the devs stick with this and make a final copy!"

"This game is great!"

"this game is amazing. It was so touching by the end, really. There's something about this game that just makes it so connecting, yes. I'll probably play it again and again just to get that ending."

"Can't really say anything but: Wow. This is really what games are all about."

":D Finished! Great game, strongly recommended"

"Wow, Mind=Blown, played one round and it was soooo awesome, this whole atmosphere, the graphic (pretty good for an alpha version) I would buy this over some of the AAA Titles everytime~~~~"

"I just finished this with someone. At the end we had a full conversation and exchanged reddit usernames... very touching."

"Being able to finally talk to the person you've been working with at the end... I dunno, but it was surprisingly touching in a way. Loved everything about this game. "

"Just played with a fellow redditor, great game :)"


"Way can be a surprisingly poignant experience."
-Cassandra Khaw

";_; I'll miss you, stranger. I'll admit, I formed quite a bond with my partner without even talking once. This is a very powerful game, and I absolutely loved it. Apparently, the guy I was paired up with was all the way from Germany."

"Wow, this game is one of the best I've played in years. i can't describe what I felt... it's an almost spiritual joy. I was able to complete the game with someone who I now feel a real connection to, even though our communication was limited to arm flailing. I'll miss you, friend! I can't wait to see what's in the game's future."

"This was one of the few times I felt any sort of emotional bond with the person I was playing with."

"So much fun, and with a complete stranger! I loved the end!"

"This game is incredible! What an amazing alpha -- ALPHA! I will be following this project closely."

"Outstanding little game, the need to understand one another's body language increases as the game progresses, making silent communication challenging but intriguing all the way through. The part at the end sealed the deal for this being one of my favorite student games."
-Guy from GA

"Commercial release for this game NOW! I haven't had so much fun with an online game, like, ever, and I really have the urge to throw some money at it now. :D"
-Ángel L.

"Wow, such a powerful experience. I feel weird right now, sad and happy at the same time. After the whole communication, the way it all ended was simply awesome. It came out of nowhere and it just made my day."

"Such a rush when you realize there's a person on the other side messing around the same way as you. The sense of camaraderie and accomplishment here is astounding. In a way the simplicity and brevity really help foster that, and I'm definitely curious to see what happens when the creators throw some more complex puzzles into the mix. Thanks for sharing this incredible Alpha experience with us and good luck building on it."

"What an awesome experience. I too created a special bond with my partner...This "game" is more like a personal experience! Wow!"

"This game really makes you feel something truly human. Playing this made my day."

"only five or so minutes and you feel very attached to the other player...i loved the game and this is only alpha i cant wait for the full release"
-jack wenmoth


"That was the most human a game has ever made me feel. If only my stranger hadn't left me inexplicably in the middle. If anything, this statement is a damn good example of video games being able to deserve the status of 'true' art: In this case, by creating a situation and experience that can express a piece of the joy, and tragedy, of the human condition. Not to say that there is just one sole 'requirement', surely; but this is a great example to add to the argument that video games can at times rightfully be 'art', in the old school traditional manner. The more I think about this program, the more promise I see in the future of innovative, quality game designs. I'm very eager to see what these designers will bring to us as their careers progress."

"This game made me feel good about other people and empathize with a complete stranger in a matter of minutes. Indescribably good. Also, the end made me seriously miss my pen tablet."

"Wow. That was surprisingly delightful. So much so that I played twice. Found out my partners were from Western Europe and Texas. Texas even proclaimed his/her love for me on the free write wall at the end. Drew a flower and everything. (Well, at least I think it was a flower.)"