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 Post subject: Some ideas
PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:03 pm 

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Firstly, thanks for a great game.
I have some ideas that you can may be find useful.

About game mechanics:

* Add some randomness and game will become RATHER replayable. Really, now after only 1 game you already now where are invisible stuff.

* Create a level constructor and comunity will make an essential part of your job.

* Add new ways to expose emotions. It won't affect the gameplay, but i think it's extremely importand, because the game, u supose, is mainly social.

* It will be fine to try express more abstract ideas then just when you need to run or where you should jump. Solving a puzzle, one part of which is visible to one of players and the second part to another one, for example. Your great game idea has a huge potential not only for arcade games.

And some things that I should say as a marketing expert.

* Look at your site visiting statistics and download statistics. I think a part of persons who visited the site but didn't download the game is guys who just DIDN'T UNDERSTAND what is this. Just figure out: Your mate gives you a link with coment like: try this nice think. You clik and what do you see? In way, two strangers learn to speak... Download (what??)...Some art... Absoletely sh*ty trailer that says nothing about the game (exuse me, but it's true)... And this's all. Will you download? I don't think so. But even if you will it's still a big probability that you won't play if you don't know what is game about.
I advise you to read this (the author is also an indie-game developer). ... n-asshole/

* Most of indie projects (not only games) fails because creators just yelling: We are so f*ing indie, we're not like something usual, we don't need all this standard pop things we're veeeery another. The hard market truth is that ~80% of people will try your product only if it looks like something "serious" and standard.

* Another indie projects problem is staying inside indie, "elite" comunity. Millions of people are playing some disgusting games on facebook, vkontakte, etc.

* Translate the game and the site into as many languages as you can. It's not a hard job (comunity can help you), I think. But a number of potential clients will be multiplyed by five.

* I think you need money to continue development. So may be you should start selling the game (using steem or something like that, for example). Yes, it's only alpha, but you can try after making next version start to sell it, while previous version will be free. It will be like donation, but rather more effective, I think.

So, thanks again for a nice game, and make new levels, please :)

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