Best game I ever played
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Author:  Zerdius [ Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  Best game I ever played

Wow, I just played for the first time...
It was impressive, I never felt like this playing a game. I met a stranger (lets call him Red). And without ever talking to him we understand what the other wanted us to do... Awesome
I feel like the game is perfect (if you add Levels dont add them at the End, create like a Second "Mode/Campaign", since I feel it would be hard for some people to play with somebody without talking for such a long time.
Is there a possibility to add like a Post Game Chat (yes there is this thing where you can draw, but I would just like to talk to the Stranger for some time.
And imo it would be cool if the Emotions (I only tried the Happy face, and it only plays this sound (thats more like giggling) and your Eyes change. Maybe add like a Happy Face above your head or sth along that lines?
Anyway, the game is phenomenal, if there is any way to support you (Sadly I dont have a Paypal acc, but maybe with other payment methods (Paysafecard?) I will, I will also spread the word about this game.
So just my 50 cent


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